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What is a CamKart?

The ultimate and unique all terrain equipment trolley designed by a working photographer for photographers and trialled in 3 continents over 6 years.


Easier and more accessible than a backpack, slingbag, roller case or shoulder bag. Instant access to all your gear. No need to get it off your back and lay it on the ground, unzip it and then put it all back on again!

Designed by photographers for photographers

Has a built in camera mounting plate that takes a ball head, great for using where tripods are not allowed. Has a special bracket on the back to carry a tripod, umbrella, walking poles or monopod, or ALL of them!

Durable and versatile

Strong enough to sit or stand on. No danger to YOU or your equipment if you fall over! Great for all outdoor pursuits; photography, videography, birdwatching, fishing, equestrian, dog training.

No strain

Carries all your equipment with ease. No strain on your neck, back or arms, the large wheels take the weight.

All terrain

Large puncture-proof wheels will go virtually anywhere. Smaller locking castors at the front mean it can be wheeled as easily as a baby buggy on flat ground or indoors.

CamKarts are designed to be multi-functional and adaptable. They are ideally suitable to carrying photographic, birdwatching and other outdoor pursuit equipment.

The strong, moulded box is mounted on 2 large EVA foam wheels which will not puncture. At the front are two castors which are lockable. These wheels allow the cart to be pulled or pushed over all kinds of rough terrain, stoney ground, boggy, wet and muddy areas. Tree roots, steps and stairs, ramps and hummocks are easily traversed with very minimal effort.

Alternatively, unlock the 2 castors at front and the CamKart can be simply pushed on 4 wheels. This is particularly handy when the CamKart is being used on solid ground or indoors.

On the handle is a special mounting plate for a ball head. This is especially useful when the use of a tripod is not allowed. Simply mount your camera on the handle!

Of course, if you want to carry a full size tripod, its no problem as there are mounting plates and straps on the handle.

There is a selection of interior fitments, including partitioning and diced foam. The boxes are extremely tough and can be sat and stood on One great advantage amongst many is in that the owner can gain approximately 400mm in height for taking photos over the heads of others. You can even sit on the box while the camera is mounted at eye level.

It gives you very rapid access to your equipment which is great if you are moving about. Just stop, open the lid, take out your camera and go to work! There is no struggling to get it out of your backpack or laying it down in the mud, dust and wet. CamKart is completely waterproof, so you can park it in a deep puddle if need be.

Key Features & Dimensions

Exterior Dimensions (approx)

  • Height - case: 390mm (15.25")
  • Height - wheels on: 530mm (21")
  • Height - handle in place: 1140mm (45")
  • Width: 580mm (23")
  • Width - wheels on: 610mm (24")
  • Depth (including accessory carry bag): 560mm (22")

Interior Dimensions (approx)

  • Height: 305mm (12")
  • Width: 480mm (19")
  • Depth: 330mm (13")

Basically, the interior will accommodate a laden Lowepro Magnum 400 AW shoulder bag!

Key Features

  • Durable weather resistant double skin polymer box construction.
  • Weatherproof seal inside lid.
  • Removable handle with plate for camera tripod head or lighting accessories.
  • Removable height adjustable steadying feet providing a sturdy base - casters available as a custom option.
  • Lid opens to provide useful height working platform.
  • Supplied without padded inserts to enable personal gear customisation or use your existing camera bag(s).
  • Waterproof to 430mm (17") deep!
  • Lid latches are easy to open with gloved hands.
  • No-flat puncture-proof removable wheels with stainless steel one piece axle.
  • Strong enough to sit or stand upon - up to 100 kg (16st/220lb)
  • Bracket to attach 2 or 3 light stands &/or camera tripod (Hook & Loop straps included).
  • Choice of standard & custom colours. With Custom colours it’s possible to order pick and mix lid & box colours.

Standard Colours

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Dark Green

Custom Colours

  • Purple
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Custom Options

  • Free-wheeling castors
  • Padded inserts
  • 18" wheels, inc. longer axle & spacers

Want to stand out from the crowd?
Your opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the crowd!

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CamKart; designed by a photographer, for photographers.

Paul Slater Saban

I am a well respected Professional as a Stonemason and Designer for many years.

I retired to my Dream Destination in Panama in the Rainforest.

There I was free to create an environment which allowed me to spend my days fulfilling my passions, which were, Animal and Bird rescue, and Photography.

This is the where the idea of the CamKart was conceived and the initial prototype was produced.

Now that I have returned to the UK, and perceived that there is a niche for a means of transporting heavy Photographic Equipment I want to share my vision of mobility for photographers with the community at large.

To this end my Friends, Family and I have created The “CamKart All Terrain“ which is ready to go into production.

Hopefully this is as exciting for you as it is for me and my dedicated team.

Looking forward to sharing, showing and talking about the product and I welcome you to visit our Our Facebook Page.

Please join us at the NEC show in Birmingham on the 19th March.

I can always be contacted by e mail at paul@camkarts.co.uk.

- Paul Slater Saban

Want to stand out from the crowd?
Your opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the crowd!

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What do others have to say?

Every now & again a new product comes along worthy of comment & interest; CamKarts developed by TLS member Paul Slater Saban is one such product. For me it means I can ditch the (cheap & lousy quality) fishing tackle cart and maybe even the golf trolley I use as a off-road light st safely haul camera & lighting gear away from the smooth paths of towns & cities.

Ian Pack - T.L.S.

Paul lent me the Camkart for trialling. I could not only get all my gear in it but I was able pull it over several rough fields, meadows etc and then sit on to use the tripod. Its great and very easy to use and very strong. I might get another for my tools.

Mark Slater - Kings Worthy

I first saw Paul standing on his ‘wheeled box’ to take some photos over the heads of the crowd. I got him to make me one and have been using it for 2 years. I can get my cameras, lenses, lunch and camo-tent in it. Looking forward to the new model.

Jane Jones - Ashstead

Want to stand out from the crowd?
Your opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the crowd!

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Order and Reserve

Order and reserve your own CamKart

As a special offer for early orders we are offering the first 200 CamKart owners a reduced price of £200 per unit. The first lot of CamKarts will be produced and ready for mailing on the second week of May 2016.

Package and postage to the UK is provided at cost, for those who require postage to countries outside of the UK please get in contact with us at sales@camkarts.co.uk.

Payment to reserve and order your own CamKart can be made through the secure service of PayPal, and with Visa and Mastercard. This service is coming soon.

For those who do not wish to pay via PayPal we are also happy to accept cheques. Please ensure to send your name, address and contact telephone number, along with which colour of CamKart you would like. All cheques are to be made payable to CamKarts Limited and sent to CamKarts Limited, Data House, Wymans Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 9QF, United Kingdom.

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We also welcome any ideas of categories that would benefit from this unique product.

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The CamKart All Terrain, the really useful 21st Century MultiPod is now available.


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